How to make the most out of your notice period?

The year (2022) in which I am writing this article, is a year of great resignations.

If you are one of them, let’s begin.

Finally, you are on notice period. I believe you have decided to give a new direction to your career and dreams. I wish you every success in your future endeavours.

I am sure you must be hearing this from your friends and colleagues that It’s your honeymoon period, enjoy it.

But, let me tell you, it is not like that, and don’t make the mistake to consider it your honeymoon period.

The notice period is not a honeymoon period, it is a time to create a strategic plan for your new beginning.

After spending seven years with an organisation, I decided to move on. It was a tough decision. It was a big shift in my career, so I had to prepare myself for that change.

I am sharing these points from my own experience.

You must hear these common points to be taken care of during your notice period.

  • Keep doing the good work.
  • Don’t take unnecessary leaves.
  • Don’t try to be a different person during your notice period.
  • Stay punctual as you were before the notice period.
  • Don’t miss the meetings that still need your presence.
  • Help the organisation in knowledge transfer.

But, I would like to take you beyond these points that how you get ready for your new beginning. I am sure you must have accepted an offer after doing good research about the company. Make sure you do these things during your notice period.

  1. Vision and mission of the new organisation. Study more about it, so that when you join the organisation, you will feel connected to it.
  2. More insights about the organisation. Every organisation has a presentation deck having more insights about the organisation. You can ask HR to provide it.
  3. Read articles and blogs about the company. You will get to know the latest moves made by the organisation. The direction in which the organisation is heading. Is it matching with the organisation’s vision and mission?
  4. Study the competitors. You can study the top 3 competitors of your new organisation, it will help you to understand the market position of your new organisation.
  5. Get more information about the product/services. You can find the short product demos on the company’s site or on youtube. It will help you to understand the product from a high level before joining the company. It will bring confidence in you from the very first day.
  6. Tech-stack of the product. If you are joining the technical team, you can invest your time in understanding the technology they are using in the product.
  7. More about the organisation. At last, you can invest your time in knowing more about your new organisation like investment funding, revenue details, acquisitions, target markets, primary buyers, and target customers.

I hope these points will help you to make the most out of your notice period. And, if you hear someone saying that the notice period is a honeymoon period, then you can smile and refer this article to them.



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