If you ask patients what is their biggest gripe with healthcare services, you’ll hear a lot of common responses– doctors’ indifference to patient’s problems, privacy during illness and treatment, more waiting times during hospital visits, and so on.

But if you turn the tables on doctors and ask their biggest gripe with patients, you’ll get answers like lack of adherence to medication, failure to understand the implications of not following medical advice, missing regular checkups, and so on.

Digital healthcare applications that try to solve these problems (and fail) fall behind in understanding that they’re missing an important link- effective…

After Amazon’s retail and Uber’s taxi revolution, we’re now witnessing a pharmacy revolution.

A decade ago, the pharmacy retail market was in a nascent stage with stand-alone pharmacies adopting digital models of doing business. But today the retail pharmacy industry is expanding its wings towards on-demand drug deliveries and streamlined insurance approval process.

At Quovantis, we work with one such client. Our partners (we refer to our clients as partners) are an on-demand e-pharmacy leveraging technology to run same-day prescription delivery services.

For the consumer the process is fairly simple. You visit a Doctor. The Doctor shares a diagnosis and…

“Change is the only constant thing in this world”, said a wise man.

If you are a leader, this quote will help you deal with almost every challenge that you’ll face in leading your team. Change is an inevitable thing. Yet, the trouble with humans is that we have an innate tendency to resist it from happening. Or worse, to accept it and work around handling it with better solutions. The worse part is, we fear it; we prevent it from breaking our streak.

My experience with ‘change’ is somewhat similar.

I am leading a team of 15-20 people and…

When nations go to war, it’s their soldiers who fight in the battleground and put their life at stake for the nation’s safety. Although every soldier undergoes the same training, everyone doesn’t display similar zeal at the forefront of the battle. Some are more fierce, more strategic and more deadly when it comes to killing the enemy soldiers, while others are merely ‘doing their job’. For this reason, whenever a soldier displays extraordinary valor in the field, the officials announce special recognition for them, presenting them with a medal and honor their commitment towards the nation.

Does that mean that…

When I was in class 6 and my brother was in class 8, every Sunday, my father would sit with us and challenge us for a face-off. One fine Sunday, this was our challenge- “You have five minutes to write names of twenty objects that you see around in the house. Whoever is the fastest, wins!”

We jumped at the tick of the stopwatch and started scribbling with the utmost determination to win. When the timer stopped, our father took both our notebooks to analyze and declare a winner. While looking at my brother’s handwriting, he squirmed and twitched his…

Become a good follower, first

There is an old leadership adage which goes like this-

“He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.”

I am not sure how many of you would really agree with this quote but when I read this statement for the first time it forced me to think. What does being a good follower means? Does it mean that you follow your leader without asking any question? How does one challenge the wrong that they see? Does that mean following orders from your leader without putting your thoughts into it? …

Bhuwan Jain

Product Manager @ Quovantis Technologies

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